The next Professional Development workshop for Academy members is scheduled to begin after the 2017 PE Conference.
(If you're reading this in order to find out the answer to a Treasure Hunt question, provide July 13th and 7pm Central Time as the the "date and time of the next workshop".)


  • 2017 PE Conference

    The 2017 Process Education program is fully populated and publicly viewable! And for newsletter readers who haven't YET registered for the conference, you can receive $75 off your registration if you use the following code when registering (case-sensitive): (Sorry, you'll have to read the article itself to find it!.) As you browse the conference program, you will find three thematically organized days that include symposium panels, keynoters, practitioner workshops, research workshops, and community-building workshops. Special attention is given each day to equity in higher education as it appears in three different contexts...

  • The BEST Pre-Conference Institute

    Based on preliminary discussion with prospective participants, this institute promises to be one of the top 10 (of all-time!) institutes among the 400 Pacific Crest has offered. It merges the Facilitation Institute, with the online Teaching Learning to Learn and experiencing an actual Learning to Learn course. The institute should bring together participants from across the nation along with a mentoring team all seeking to improve their own learning and self-growth performance, but also desiring to be well-prepared facilitators of the Learning to Learn and Self-growth Curriculum. Implementations of this curriculum on your home campus could be...

  • PE Conference: Travel & Lodging

    You should try to book your flights into either Fresno airport (FAT) or San Jose (SJC) (about 2.5 hours away from Fresno). Please visit the  on the Members site under 2017 Conference Planning and enter your travel information if you were not able to enter it on the registration form...

  • Half-Day Yosemite Trip

    If you are attending the conference and never have been to the Yosemite Valley, this is your chance! The Learning to Learn Institute will end a bit early so that we can make our way to Yosemite for some natural scenery and R&R before the PE Conference starts up the following day....

  • Professional Development

    The inaugural series of PE Academy Professional Development Workshops continues to be met with open arms by Academy members. These synchronous 90 minute online workshops use Process Education principles to share ideas for strengthening the practice in our classrooms. The Learning Process Methodology is fully implemented in the workshops; as participants experience pre-workshop reading and reflection, in-workshop presentation followed by group reflection and...

  • President: Joyce Adams

    President Elect: Mary Moore

    Past President: Dan Cordon

    Secretary: Matt Watts

    Finance Officer: Elizabeth Mahaffey

    Treasurer: Peter Smith

    Member at Large: Teressa Taylor

    Member at Large: Bob Wieman

    Member at Large: Arlene King-Berry

    Member at Large: Josh Hill

    Webmaster: Denna Hintze

Process Education integrates many different educational theories, processes, and tools in emphasizing the continuous development of learning skills through the use of assessment principles in order to produce learner self-development.