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Process Educators

... trust and respect students and are willing to shift control of their learning to them. These educators want to see growth in others and strive to foster their own self-growth. They can handle change and are willing to innovate and experiment. Because assessment is the best way to improve performance, they enjoy it, seek it, and practice it.

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Are YOU a self-grower? Self-growers are life-long learners who are committed to their success and show it through hard work, persistence, and belief in their self-efficacy. They seek challenges to develop self-growth: take risks to get outside their comfort zone, embrace failures, seek feedback and use self-assessment. In their efforts, they prepare, engage, and collaborate. They effectively plan and prioritize to manage their time and resources and disciplined when working their plans. They approach each day positive and intellectually curious, and supportive of others. They develop and grow without limit to realize their life vision and potential. Your potential really is unlimited and this very special event will help you learn to develop your personal growth, your self-growth, improve your learning performance, and improve your ability to mentor others in their pursuit of personal and self-growth.

Process Education integrates many different educational theories, processes, and tools in emphasizing the continuous development of learning skills through the use of assessment principles in order to produce learner self-development.