2018 Process Education Conference “Generation Z (iGen): The Social Media Generation”

Call For Academic Papers

Academic Paper sessions are intended to provide an opportunity for participants to share scholarly work and "High Impact Practices" that feature new learning theory, organization, and delivery of curricular and co-curricular activities, advancements in classroom teaching/learning, professional development, assessment of learning, or educational leadership. The proceedings will contain accepted peer-reviewed papers that can be revised/resubmitted to the International Journal of Process Education after the conference. Academic Papers that address one of the five topics listed below (each aligned with one of the conference themes) will be given priority. There will be up to three papers selected for each academic paper breakout session.

  • Assets and Liabilities of the Generation Z (igen) student population. This includes papers that enhance understanding of academic risk factors of incoming traditional age students on college readiness, programs that are targeted to provide for college readiness of these students, and approaches in first-year experiences that innovate to reach this new generation.
  • Innovative Programs and Teaching Practices for engaging traditional students. This includes papers that address strategies for immersion in collegiate and academic life, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Advancing Servant Leadership Programs, Activities, and Institutional Values. This includes papers that describe ways to integrate service oriented learning that connects with the Gen Z desire to make a difference in improving the world.
  • Innovative Use of Social Media to Improve Collegiate Learning. This includes papers that investigate ways of deploying social media to provide emotional support and enhance just-in-time learning.
  • Innovative Use of Instructional Technology for Enriching Synchronous as well as Asynchronous Learning. This includes papers that exemplify how to maximize value of hybrid instruction techniques, packaging and delivery of instructional materials, cooperative learning, and course management.   


Call for Researcher Workshops

This track is for on-going research that would benefit from participant feedback in preparing a final draft for submission to a venue such as the International Journal of Process Education. If desired, the session also presents an opportunity to reach out and engage potential collaborators in finalizing their work.


Call for Practictioner Workshops

These workshops will present a learning experience for participants so they can transfer these practices to their unique campus situations. The workshop experience should model PE principles and be designed so that participants can facilitate a similar workshop on their own campus. Your proposal should include an abstract that explains the nature of the workshop, intended outcomes, and how those outcomes will be realized. If accepted, you will also need to submit an updated facilitation plan for inclusion in the program binder, along with all workshop materials. Workshop materials should include what participants would need to facilitate the same workshop at their own school; the point of these workshops is to transfer the practices taht increase student success. The workshop should be designed to accommodate up to 50 participants who will be sitting at tables of 6-8 participants each.