2018 Process Education Conference “Generation Z (iGen): The Social Media Generation”


Payment for the Academy 2018 conference registration and/or housing can be made online by clicking on the Click to pay button below, which will allow you to pay through your credit/debit card using Paypal. Simply calculate the total amount and enter it into the Donate field. We will notify you after the conference how much of your payment qualifies as a charitable donation.

If paying by check, please send a check for the total amount to:

Peter Smith

Academy Treasurer

1036 N. North Niles Ave.

South Bend, IN 46617


Pre-Conference Institute Conference Housing  
Institute Only: $500 Earlybird: $325 1 bedroom suite: $50/night  
Institute for Conference Attendees: $325 Regular Registration: $400 2 bedroom suite: $40/person/night  
Institute for Gannon Fac/Staff: $250 Gannon Fac/Staff: $120 3 bedroom suite: $30/person/night  
  Emeritus Faculty: $100    
  3 or more from same institution: $250 each    
  No attendance (renew annual membership): $60    
Subtotal: Subtotal: Subtotal: Total: