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Workshop Instructions


Beginning with principles of educational research, methods for validating effectiveness of teaching/learning in three different venues will be explored.  These include specific teaching/learning practices, course design and delivery, and degree programs.  Added value from quantitative and qualitative methods will be outlined along with applications for mixed methods studies.  Building from this foundation, strategies for acquiring evidence of educational effectiveness of Process Education theory (in classrooms, courses, and programs) will be examined.  The ultimate goal of the workshop is to convene a working group for advancing scholarship surrounding teaching/learning methods that advance personal/professional development contained the Profile of the Collegiate Learner.

Learning Objectives

  1. Achieve shared understanding about the role and distinction between Assessment, Evaluation, and Measurement in Educational Research
  2. Motivate participants to understand and use innovative statistical models in classroom research
  3. Establish synergy among PE practitioners in further developing the Book of Measures as a tool for investigating the efficacy of Process Education.



  • Register for the workshop
  • Read through this facilitation plan
  • Ensure that you have access to and can use any of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer will not work.
  • Complete the resource readings (above) by October 24.
  • Complete the pre-workshop critical thinking questions on the academy forum for this workshop.
  • At 6pm EST on October 24, 2017, join the Zoom meeting using the information available in the column at left. Should this be your first Zoom meeting, here are instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting.
    • You can phone in to the meeting, but should use your browser to join the online portion.

    Synchronous Activity
    • Synthesize pre-workshop critical thinking (30 mins)
    • Group Processing of a Case Study (30 mins total)
      • Steps in applying the Tri-Square method (10 min)
      • Alternative categorical variables and outcome variables (10 min)
      • Q&A and participant discussion (10 min)
    • Tools for Process Education Research (25 minutes)
      • Profile of the Quality Collegiate Learner and associated rubrics (Steve)
      • Examples of student work associated with measuring growth (L2L examples)
      • Brainstorming collaborative PE research topics related to the L2L (all)
      • Closure (5 minutes)

Process Education integrates many different educational theories, processes, and tools in emphasizing the continuous development of learning skills through the use of assessment principles in order to produce learner self-development.