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Workshop Instructions


A top complaint of faculty about student learners is their inability to use prior learning (current knowledge) and transfer this knowledge to current learning challenges without reviewing, prompting or helping them integrate. This extends into the problem solving process where students typically apply only a small portion of what they have learned in dealing with open-ended problems. This workshop will examine the critical learning skill of generalizing in the learning process, what this learning skill really looks like, and how this learning skill can be improved. The activity will lead to the development of performance measure for generalizing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Help faculty to realize the growth of the generalizing learning skill is critical for learning to learn
  • Realize why identifying contextual prompts and formulating the general principles are the foundational aspects of generalizing
  • Collect multiple representations of descriptions of generalizing
  • Identify and collect the dimensions/factors of the performance - generalizing


  • Register for the workshop
  • Read through this activity plan
  • Ensure that you have access to and can use any of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer will not work.
  • Complete the following reading before February 25.
  • Answer the following 7 Exploration Questions on the forum for this workshop
    1. What is the Levels of Learner Knowledge table and what does it really measure?
    2. What are important in the steps of the Methodology for Elevating Knowledge from Level 1 to Level 3?
    3. What does contextualizing mean?
    4. What is generalized knowledge?
    5. What does transferring knowledge mean?
    6. What role does Step 9 of the Methodology for Elevating KLnowledge from Level 1 to Level 3 play in generalizing knowledge?
    7. How is generalizing important to learning process?
  • At 7pm EST on February 27, 2017, join the Zoom meeting using the information available in the column at left. Should this be your first Zoom meeting, here are instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting. The Facilitator will give a brief orientation to the workshop and then will create Zoom Breakout Rooms for the teams. Each team will work in their Breakout Room to complete the workshop sections.
    • You can phone in to the meeting, but MUST use the Google Chrome browser to join the online portion.

    Synchronous Activity: Generalizing

    Overview of models (10 min)

    Answer the Critical Thinking Questions (30 min + 15 minutes to explore certain CTQs)  Workshop Forum Link

    1. What are 4 characteristics of a learner's knowledge that is truly understood, comprehended, and has meaning?
    2. What are the characteristics of generalized knowledge?
    3. What do you look for to determine the degree in which knowledge is being transferred?
    4. How do you find contextual prompts?
    5. What is the nature of a principle that guides you in effectively applying transferable knowledge?
    6. What are the steps you would take to generalized knowledge given that you already have understanding in one context?
    7. How do you identify the commonalities and differences (distracters) among contexts?
    8. How do we strengthen transferability by managing our affect in the performance?

    Complete the Skill Exercises (15 minutes)  Workshop Forum Link

    • As a team, post 2 statements that describe what generalizing means to your team
    • Identify 7 factors/dimensions of generalizing that are the most important in its performance

    Closure  (15 minutes)

Process Education integrates many different educational theories, processes, and tools in emphasizing the continuous development of learning skills through the use of assessment principles in order to produce learner self-development.